Below is a list of all the patrons who contribute(d) to Deconstructing Damsel’s Patreon. Wanna be listed? Sign up for just $1 a month! It’s that easy. Want exclusive content and to help decide the direction of the podcast? It’s only $2 per month.



Current Patrons

  • Dee Em Elms.
    Horror author and all around amazing human, Dee really helps the podcast pretty often. Including a few inspiration episodes along with her lifelong bestie (and friend of the show) Jade. You can find her at her novel website Sidlings. Dee and Jade have both offered episode review content at My Boyfriend is a Bear and Z-O-M-B-I-E-S.
  • Kelly Reynolds.
    Kelly runs the fun romance podcast Boobies and Noobies, “where you think outside the (dick) in a box.” Kelly has been a strong supporter of the podcast from the beginning. Always promoting and talking about the episodes, long before being a patron.
  • Kerry Purvis.
    Don’t tell anyone, but Kerry’s passion may be Star Trek. Possibly. Maybe. Or the Muppets. Could be both, really. She’s also an ADHD woman like me who needs a little nudges. Not to mention been a guest on the show and even submitted comments on another episode. What can we say? Alyssa Cole is amazing. You can find her at Twitter in her librarian account or the awesome Trekness of it all.
  • Marlene.
    Marlene offers great feedback and helps give a little direction to what would make the podcast better. She always steps up and makes the podcast standout. So glad she joined the family.


Former Patrons

  • Joelle.
    Mouse and Weens has been an amazing supporter of Damsels since the beginning. M & W is a sister run podcast where they dig into their lives, living in the world, and sometimes pretty phenomenal guests outside family. Joelle (Mouse) is unbelievably kind when you feel vulnerable, and in the current world…that’s extremely welcome.
  • What’s Her Name Podcast.
    How many women go unnoticed throughout history? A lot. Seriously. A huge amount. Hosts Dr. Katie Nelson and Olivia Meikle march along with the women they research. The podcast offers a rich knowledge and ambiance about each featured woman. Visit their journey at What’s Her Name