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Deconstructing Damsels is the brain child of Jessica Hannan (Research Queen Productions). Romance book podcasts often discuss the love story (which they should) but what about the women of those love stories?

Deconstructing Damsels: Jessica Hannan
Jessica Hannan (2020).

It’s easy to faint over the love interest duke or politician that can wield power like a king. Most of Romancelandia would sell an organ for a chance to date Derek Craven. (But not this host!) Or maybe others would join the New Species world, where Dark Angel takes a sharp turn.

Can the same be said for the women of the story? Where’s the same awe-inspiring conversations about perceptive women take their way through life with determination and self-will? And the unexpected crushes that come along?

And that is what inspired this podcast. Deconstructing the damsels in distress mythology by explaining why the women are total badasses. Doesn’t matter what their position or station in life may be. What matters is the heart. And the crux of every romance and happily ever after centers around the heart and soul of the characters readers cheer on.

Why not discuss a woman joining the Civil Rights Movement in 1961? The gumption and bravery to walk even with love so near by. Or sacrificing happiness for the sake of family only to find love at the most inconvenient time.

Episodes may feature industry news or issues that may arise (usually from Twitter). And sometimes the episodes aren’t about books at all. Occasionally a movie or personal love story may be featured.

Originally the podcast was going to start in 2016 but Jessica found it difficult to find the perfect co-host. So right now, it’s just Jessica. Oftentimes a guest will appear. Usually her husband Sven, who also edits the podcast, but there are more episodes with guests coming soon. Deconstructing Damsels is part of the Lady Pod Squad group as well Podern Family.

Deconstructing Damsels Logo

The podcast premiered in 2018 but took a long hiatus in 2019 due to life. The idea is release an episode twice a month, maybe more depending on occasion. For example, February 2020 had 3 episodes due to Valentine’s Day.

Initial heart logo was created by me, Jessica, in 2018 when the podcast began. Latest one with the ballgown was created by Rike_Studio on Fiverr. He also created the patron only design as well. Highly recommend. I wanted something different for the logo and something easy to identify. The heart logo is still available at the merch store on Teepublic.



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