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It’s housekeeping time as 2020 closes. And host Jessica reviews the novella New Year’s Eve At The Barley Mow” by Emma Westwood.

But this episode has a little bit more. Listen as the romance community offers favorite 2020 reads. It’s all about comfort reads, right? And the many links below. 10 for the price of one.

Thank you everyone as season 2 comes to a close. May the new year be a moment of brightness in the muggy darkness.


Episode Guest List
Ali Williams
Adele Buck/Buchanan
Andrea Martucci
Bex Goos
Caitlyn Lynch
Diana of Happily Ever Aftermath
Eve Pendle
Kiley Dunbar
Melanie Duncan

All the Links:
Romance Recs of 2020:
Top Listens of 2020:

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