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Okay! So all those podcasts I mentioned that needed a post on the finale episode of 2020?

They’re all here. These aren’t every episode of every podcast I’ve listened to….because loooong. It was a looooong year with a lot of listening. You’ll also find direct links to each episode. Topics range from women making history, history rewriting women, rom coms, and love stories. Take a look.

Of course, every podcast is available on most podcatchers. And really, why aren’t you listening and reviewing these fabulous people’s episodes? If you don’t have an Apple product, Podchaser‘s a great alternative for reviews.

In addition, at the bottom of the post, you’ll find episodes I’ve been on this year. It’s a post filled with learning, laughter, and occasional lust.



The List

Ancient Greece Declassified / Penelope: Weaver of Fate


A Tip of the Tongue LogoA Tip of the Tongue / Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure

  • Okay, so everyone who’s a patron knows I loved this novella. So much. And I was delighted to find another podcast review it. But that’s not why I chose this episode. It was picked because hosts Caitlin and Rebecca offer a different perspective as lesbians. And that really matters on how well a story lands.
  • Direct Link:


Bodice Tipplers / Message from Nam by Danielle Steel

  • Love to listen to Courtney and Sara. Throw in Danielle Steel and I’m so there. It was a tie between this episode and Dreaming, but I grew up reading Steel. It’s always gonna be an interesting discussion about how dreary a Steel heroine really is.
  • Direct Link:


Boobies and Noobies / A Highlander is Coming to Town (Boobsmas #3)

  • It’s pretty easy to pick a Boobmas offering. Kelly and her 12 Days of Boobsmas are a delight every December. Such a variety of options. I have to admit to choosing this because it features Angela Maria Hart, who does a lovely job of promoting Romance AND Cozy Mysteries in the Cozy Mystery Book Club. Best over. Hart is a blast to follow on Twitter, too.
  • Direct Link:


Book of Lies / Religious Affinity Fraud

  • Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Brandy and Sunni and it’s hard to pick one episode. I decided on Ephren Taylor because I grew up in Atlanta. A lot of preachers were fond of prosperity (some even made national news). But the story reminded me so much Jim Bakker, except without the infidelity and power abuse.
  • Direct Link:


The Cult of Domesticity LogoCult of Domesticity / Ukraine’s Orange Revolution

  • Love a good history episode. And I feel like Western Europeans (and their colonial offshoots) miss how complicated Eastern European history really is. And the Ukrainian history is even more complicated. Courtney offers background and history in an interesting point of view. And considering this was in 2004-2005..what else have we been missing? And I really take an interest in Ukrainian politics. So.
  • Direct Link:


Fierce Females of History / Juana Azurduy de Padilla


Happily Ever Aftermath / Grease 2

  • Look, it’s Grease 2. I’m a lover of all things Grease 2 and discussion about it is everything. And hosts who love my favorite movie? Pleasure. But the podcast also covers other faves like Empire Records and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I’m just fond of a movie where the women don’t have to change to make the men happy. Not on a fundamental level.
  • Direct Link:


Heaving Bosoms / Nicholas

  • Too. Many. Choices. I almost picked Halloween Boo because it’s like grown Hocus Pocus sexy times fanfic, but really. There were like 5 other episodes there were contenders. The final pick was Nicholas because W.T.F. Just. That’s it. It broke my mind. Even more than a story about apocalyptic Horsemen finding love. I mean, a satyr with two dicks? How? What? Bless Melody and Sarah for talking this out. Y’all. It won over episodes for Joanna Shupe’s Prince of Broadway. That good.
  • Direct Link:


Mouse and Weens / Muppets, Gilman, Green Day, East Bay Punk, Tattoos


Not Your Little Lady LogoNot Your Little Lady / Womanism, Theology & Racial Reconciliation

  • What’s it like to find your place in a religion that doesn’t answer? Guest Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes opens up about the intersectionality of representation, reconciliation, and wholeness. How does that relate to religion in the South? It’s a fantastic episode that everyone should listen to. Host Allison directs the episode to let those of us who don’t understand in a way we can.
  • Direct Link:


N.R.I. Woman / Amsterdam Ave.

  • I’ve been listening to N.R.I. Woman for a few years. I specifically picked this episode because it’s hard to create as a woman and being a woman of color is an even harder path. Pooja openly discusses how being the daughter of immigrants impacts career choices and how to follow what makes you happy. Within the romance community, we see the effects of professional changes on a personal level. There are links.
  • Direct Link:


Queens Podcast / Ranavalona

  • Katy and Nathan always make it hard to choose the best episode. The amount of research and parts per queen are kind of amazing. I so wanted to talk about Juana of Castile, the misunderstood queen who never got power, but I mean…Ranavalona happened. This is a woman who absolutely kicked all asses without second thought. Including family. Katy and Nathan taught me another new queen! I love that. Not even Victoria Woodhull could dethrone.
  • Direct Link:


Romance Ever After / Chasing Liberty

  • Allie Parker has a unique view on romantic comedies, mainly that she’s not Nora Ephron’s biggest fan. Each episode features a different romance author and a movie. I pounced on this one because Suleikha Snyder is one of the most underrated authors right now. I mean, Damsels covered her anthology For Reasons. And listening to Suleikha describe Mandy Moore’s character as she moves into independence feels really comforting. How do you not promote that? (Though, I like My Date with the President’s Daughter‘s more. Shhh.)
  • Direct Link:


Romance in Colour / Never Too Old To Be You


Romancing The Monsters / Kiss of Steel


Shelf Love LogoShelf Love / The Three Waves of Romance with Eric Selinger

  • This episode does a great job of breaking down the waves of romance in a scholarly way. I’m an academic nerd. This shouldn’t be a surprise I love these kind of topics. What I appreciated was learning about resources I can use in 2021 to create a more rounded podcast. Note: the episode discusses waves, which seems to be more related to the white majority without discussing the waves women of color have faced in the genre.
  • Direct Link:


Stuff You Missed in History Class / Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin


Tea and Strumpets / Mad and Bad with Bea Koch

  • Oh, I so love a Regency podcast and this one is fun! I love a lighthearted podcast that breaks down books with commentary. I even listen to episodes about books I haven’t read or have no interest in. But I picked this episode because Bea Koch (The Ripped Bodice) discusses women who blew out society’s expectations during the period. And why they matter. Mattering enough to create a whole book. It’s history meets romance. How do you not love that?
  • Direct Link:


The Dead Ladies Show / Alexandra Kollontani

  • Twitter trolls always bark about Marxism and calls many progressives Marxist. So why not listen to how a woman moved within Marxism with a strong drive and surviving as a Bolshevik. Second place is the epsiode on Zora Neale Hurston, a woman of words on her own.
  • Direct Link:


The Exploress / Arsinoƫ II

  • Kate always posts a lot about great women in history. Typically, she does a season per era (Civil War, Ancient, etc). While I love listening about Cleopatra and her actions, I really enjoyed learning about ArsinoĆ« II, a name I knew nothing about. She paved the way for women like Cleopatra to thrive.
  • Direct Link:


Too Stupid To Live LogoToo Stupid To Live / Revving Up the Holidays

  • Becky having open conversations is always a blast. And I love that she included a Hanukkah story. Like a lot of romance podcasts, I try to find different lives during the holiday season and I was thrilled to hear Becky’s take on Atlantans.
  • Direct Link:


What’s Her Name? / The Fulton Flash

  • I’m not very interested in sports…normally. But The Fulton Flash caught my attention. Why? Because Helen Stephens has been erased from history yet she managed to change the Olympics for women. And learning to hide who you are. I would have never found any of this information without the podcast. Now I’m wondering if I don’t like sports or I don’t like the male domination of sports.
  • Direct Link:


What A Creep / Lou Perlman


Whoa!Romance/ Whoa!mancing The Stone

  • It’s Romancing the Stone. You can’t go wrong with any episode about a romance writer trapped in a intrigue but steamy romance of her own. Isabeau and Morgan are always a fun combo for talking out romance, too. If you’re a fan of Jane Eyre, they’re doing a read along now. (Worst romance fan and English major ever because I don’t do classics well.)
  • Direct Link:



Episodes Jessica Appeared On

Anxiety About Anxiety LogoAnxiety about Anxiety / Coexisting with Anger and Anxiety

Muppet Profiles LogoMuppet Profiles / Ep 002


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