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Ariel by Donna MacDonald (Cover)

This week’s episode is all about the werewolf love with a few pesky nanobots in the way. Who doesn’t love a little tech with their tail?

Ariel by Donna McDonald explores the fated mated weres.

Dr. Ariel Jones is a woman left in Alaska to survive the attentions of a gross boss with a penchant for leering looks. When she accidentally unlocks the key to mixing nano tech with werewolf blood, she finds herself an unwilling volunteer.  The next few weeks leads to adventures, alpha challenges, and a love match. But can she handle this new world?

Listen to the episode here.


Pop Culture: Nanotechnology

Pop culture is obsessed with nanobots and nano bytes. Heck there’s an entire wiki entry devoted to nanotech in fiction. “The Doctor Dances”, an episode of Doctor Who, explores exactly what would happen is nanos were used for good. Of course, Ariel’s creepy boss isn’t’ really here for ethical uses. He’s got a contract to make indestructible armed forces and why not use women for a little sport?  Ulck. I agree.

But who wouldn’t appreciate a bunch of nanos to help rebuild your body and get rid of diseases. Imagine a world without cancer. Watching children return to their happiest times. By the end of the episode , the Doctor exclaims “Just for once, Rose: everybody lives!” in a joyous upbeat voice. Changing history in infinitesimal ways. But is it a good idea?

If you’ve ever watched a Saturday night SciFi/SyFy flick, you’ll probably say no. How many times has nano tech turned into a great big bowl of…bad? Way too often. Then again we’ve also learned that nanos probably shouldn’t be inserted into the atmosphere to control the weather. Typically a bad idea. And no one wants to be near a Stargate Replicator. Ever. Even if they bring you flowers and a case of kidnapping.

Generally, nanotech is pretty dangerous. And it was definitely a good idea for McDonald to use them to bridge the gap between human and magical creatures. Unfortunately, like all good ideas…the bad guys are always in charge.

Book Recs

  • The Heiresses by Sara Sheppard (Pretty Little Liars). Imagine if Dirty Sexy Money joined forces with a cozy but deadly murder mystery. Oh, you added in the Kennedy curse. Welcome to NYC. The book follows a high-end jewelry empire that seems to come across some pretty bad survival rates. Each Saybrook heiress faces pretty difficult choices…and that’s without murder come to call. Are HEAs possible? The book is being adapted into a TV series for ABC. But the IMDB page remains pretty empty and not a lot of updates since it was optioned in 2017. Expect a lot of sex, betrayal, and unexpected surprises in print and possible television form. Read it in a day. Definitely a great summer read.


Featured Podcast Info

The FrankenPod is your access to all things Gothic and Mary Shelley’s opus, Frankenstein. Website is a cornucopia of information about the beginning of Gothic lit and the tendrils that make horror a go-to for many modern audiences. Makes the history nerd in me very happy.  And the Twitter account is full of fun facts and quips.

Last Bit of Info

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You can also leave a tip at the Pinecast site (think of it like Patreon without the account). Pinecast uses Stripe, which doesn’t keep any information after payment goes through, and doesn’t really involve PayPal at all. But talking about Patreon begs a question: if Damsels were to set up an account, what would you like to see on it? What would make you support this little upstart?

Until next time: Read a lot. Live more. And send your favorite author a donut. Cause why not?


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